About Us

The Academy of Historical Arts is an umbrella organisation for numerous HEMA clubs across the United Kingdom.

We also operate two professional schools with professional staff: the Vanguard Centre in Glasgow (our own full-time training centre!) and Liverpool HEMA in Liverpool.

Our chief instructor, Keith Farrell, is well-known for travelling and teaching around the world, and for writing and publishing articles, books, and other resources for HEMA practitioners.

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Keith Farrell

Hi, I am Keith Farrell.

I run the Academy of Historical Arts, and teach on a regular basis at Liverpool HEMA. I also travel to teach at HEMA events around the world, in 16 countries, across 4 continents and still counting!

These videos will show some of the exercises and skills that I believe are important to develop in our journey through historical European martial arts.

I look forward to sharing these ideas with you and hearing both how they help you and what further related ideas you have that may be able to help other practitioners.